Having a Baby

Sauk Prairie Healthcare makes the wonderful life-changing event of having a baby a truly unique life experience. We are there for you through the entire process, from the first ultrasound, to finding the right provider, to developing a birth plan and of course, to childbirth. Sauk Prairie Healthcare offers multiple classes including childbirth, breastfeeding and preparation classes for new siblings and grandparents. Our Wellspring wellness center also offers prenatal services such as yoga classes and massages. After seeing that twinkle in the eye of your newborn, we are still here to help you. We help you reach your new mom goals with help from our community support groups like Baby Connection, where you can meet with fellow mothers and our certified lactation counselor outside of the hospital and clinic setting to ask questions and share stories about breastfeeding.

Meet the Sauk Prairie Healthcare providers you can trust to make you comfortable and secure on your journey through childbirth.

Maribeth Baker, MD


Dr. Baker says she “can be out of bed and at the hospital in three contractions.” She’s a family medicine physician from Prairie Clinic in Sauk City who provides obstetric care for one reason: she loves it. Learn more about Dr. Baker here.

Trevver Buss, MD


Dr. Buss, a family medicine physician from Prairie Clinic, knows that trust is very important in the patient-doctor relationship. “Labor is a vulnerable time for a woman. She needs to know that her doctor can be trusted to make the right decisions at the right time, and have her best interests at heart,” he says. Learn more about Dr. Buss here.

Todd Schad, MD


Dr. Schad works hard to make sure his patients feel genuinely heard and valued. He has been honing an important skill, “listening from the heart” since he was working as a CNA during his lengthy education in medical school. Learn more about Dr. Schad here.

Thomas Varley, MD

Thomas Varley Doctors Who Deliver Babies 

Not all family medicine physicians train in obstetrics during residency to the extent that Thomas Varley, MD, did. He delivered quite a few babies by the time he joined Prairie Clinic in Sauk City in 1994. Learn more about Dr. Varley here.

Suzanne Welsch, MD

Suzanne Welsch Doctors Who Deliver Babies 

Dr. Welsch has an unwavering commitment to patients. Her obstetric services range from preconception to delivery and postpartum care. Learn more about Dr. Welsch here.

Leah Ederer, MD


Dr. Ederer specializes in family medicine and her services range from women’s health to obstetrics and gynecology. Learn more about Dr. Ederer here.